Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Epilogue and a New Direction

Apologies to those few loyal readers, but my time blogging here in detail about our life and projects on our little farm has come to an end.

Originally I started posting a diary of my projects online so I could easily let others (primarily family members) see what I was up to.  My online publishing exploits pre-dated blogging as I started creating web pages documenting my barn building project that started in late 1998.  I transitioned to blogging in 2006.

I have been losing my enthusiasm for blogging for some time now, and I actually stopped writing last fall for several months (and then my blog was hacked).  I started again after I retired, but I realized after sitting down to write an entry this weekend that I just don't have the inclination to write here any more.  I used to like writing the entries, so it wasn't a problem spending the several hours it usually took to compile photos and write an entry recounting the events since the previous entry, but for a while now it's just been work that I can't comfortably fit into my current routine.

Last fall I started thinking of transitioning to video blogging (vlogging), so I started shooting video of myself with project overviews and explanations of what I was up to.  I soon realized however, that I wasn't inclined to edit together the video and/or put it online either (nor was I charismatic or otherwise interesting enough).  Regardless I've continued to shoot the video as a record of my activities, so this blog's function as my project diary has become superfluous.

After my blog was hacked last year I left the blog down for a while.  But then this year I restored the blog with limited access, requiring registration, to combat both the hackers and to prevent people from work from secretly cyber-stalking me after I retired.

Before I limited access to the blog I had never paid much attention to who was reading the blog (and didn't care).  But once I limited access, it was easy to see who registered; was reading and how often, and that number was very small.

So between the limited readership, the fact that the blog no longer serves a useful purpose to me, and my lack of enjoyment in the endeavor, I decided it just wasn't worth it to continue spending as much time on it as I had been.  I've also removed all the old entries for a variety of reasons.

I haven't given up posting online completely though; I've got my other blogs that I post to occasionally.  I also plan on posting some short entries and pictures here now and again as well and I will put workshop project photos on a blog I created here.